Pitches and Training

Grounds and Locations

Click here to access the MWFA list of grounds with map and local council. 

2020 Training Bookings

Covidsafe Training

We now have permission to begin training in line with the government and FFA restrictions. Before commencing training you must read the FFA and CCFC guidelines that have been distributed to teams and the coach must affirm their understanding of the regulations in an email to their age manager.

Weeknight In-Season Training - commencement date TBC

To avoid confusion the normal booking spread sheet will not be posted until we are able to commence normal training. If you still need to make a booking contact Jenny Roberts jenny@curlcurlyouthclub.com.au 

For problems with the lights at Abbott Rd during the soccer season contact Geoff Mooney 

geoff@curlcurlyouthclub.com.au or 0400 784 219

Important Information

  • Please make sure you use only your allotted area and time slot and move off quickly once training is finished to allow the next team on. 
  • Please DO NOT TRAIN IN THE GOAL MOUTH.  The pitches deteriorate rapidly, especially after wet weather, so it is important to use them appropriately. Click on this link for more information Save our surfaces

Wet Weather Information


The Northern Beaches Council sports field webpage will indicate if fields are open across the Peninsula.....


Northern Beaches Council Wet Weather Information

For a link to Abbott Rd Fields 
Click Here

For a link to Adam St ground Click Here

For a link to Old Reub Hudson ground click here

o   Our grounds are known as John Fisher Park - Abbott Rd 3,4 and 5 and Adam St.  Abbott Rd 3 includes all the mini-fields (U7 - U11) at the Community Hall end of the grounds.

o   If council has closed the grounds we cannot train or play on them


o   Friday Afternoon  

o   Council will advise as early as possible if fields are closed – usually by 3pm

o   MWFA may move some games depending on closures.  Clubs are notified by email no later than 7pm.  Any changes made after 7pm are sent by text. 

o   Any ground closures will be noted on the council website - see link above. 


o   Saturday Morning

o   Council start their rounds at 6am and will advise MWFA of closures by about 6.30am.

o   Team managers should keep an eye on the council website early in the morning on game day to see if grounds are open or shut. You cannot tell until the day so always assume a game is on.

o   Any additional closures will be advised to team managers by text from the club competition secretary

o   If we have only a few fields out then the competitions manager may move or postpone games and this will be notified to the team manager by text.  If there are many fields out (tipping point is 80%) may call off all games – notified by text.


o   Sunday Morning

o   There are fewer games on Sundays so there are more options to move games to fields that are open - a text will always be sent first thing in the morning to advise if a game has been moved.

o   Sometimes a ground is closed on Saturday but reopened on Sunday.


o   The club groundsman can decide to close a pitch even once it has been opened by council if he deems it necessary.  This again will be sent by text to the team managers.

o   Weekend games are our priority, so very occasionally during the week our groundsman will feel that the grounds should be shut for training even though council has opened them.  In this case our website will say shut even though the council says they are open.   Whenever possible your age coordinator will contact your manager if this is the case to inform you that training is off.

o   The MWFA draw is the best source of information for match details.  It is regularly updated up until 5pm Friday but is not usually updated over the weekend. The competition secretary attempts to pass on all information about changes in a timely manner but checking the draw regularly is a good idea, especially when it is wet. www.mwfa.com.au/competitions

o   If a game is not going to be moved and is cancelled/postponed it will disappear from the draw on the website. Check after close of business Friday.

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