Coaching Online Resources

Online Resources for Coaches 2020

Below is a list of some of the on-line resources our coaches have found useful in recent years. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list nor an endorsement. If you find others that are useful then please us let know 

Football NSW Curriculum 

  • If you register to be a coach for Curl Curl FC through the FFA system you should be receiving a weekly session plan throughout the season focused on the age group you are coaching 

Session Planning 

Game Day Management 

Team Communication 

  • Team App useful for communication, fixtures, training schedule, updates. All parents and time members can download this 

Curl Curl FC Coaches Facebook Page 

Please like us so we can also provide relevant updates Curl Curl Youth Football Club: Coaching 

Curl Curl FC Website 

  • Our Club / Policies link contains: 

o Code of Conduct 

o Coaching Philosophy 

o Coaching Expectations 

o Grading Policy 

  • Registrations / Register to Coach 
  • Resources / Coaches Courses and Events 
  • Resources / Coaching Resources (contains Coaching Expectations) 
  • Resources / Working with Children (mandatory check) 
  • Resources / Rules of the Game 
  • Links / Pitches & Training (for training pitch bookings) 

Coaching Expectations

Welcome, and thanks for giving up your time to coach a football team at Curl Curl Football Club.

Please read the Curl Curl Coaching Philosophy for an overview of our club approach to coaching.

Below are some more specific expectations for your coaching season, aimed particularly at new and junior coaches;

  • Read and be familiar with your age groups ‘Building Block” in the national curriculum
  • Attend the training certificate course relevant to the age group you are coaching.  These are free to all MWFA coaches.
  • Value all players equally. All players are entitled to equal game time.
  • Rotate your players on a regular basis.  It is not acceptable to decide that a junior can only play as a defender. If you think you have such a player, it is your challenge to encourage new skills and instill confidence to change this.  
  • Have a good understanding of position numbers, position formations and player development.  Training courses will help with this knowledge.
  • Attend some of the Monday night Skill Development Program sessions being run 4-7pm at Abbott Rd 5 to get idea’s for drills.
  • Be fun, patient and enthusiastic at all times when coaching kids.  Ask the kids questions.
  • Be appropriately dressed when taking sessions and attending games.  The club supplies polo shirts free to all coaches and we encourage you to wear them.
  • Know the rules associated with your age group.
  • Utilise the coaching checklist below to evaluate your own training sessions.


Coaching Checklist

At Curl Curl Football Club we have a coaching checklist that we encourage all our coaches to utilize.  At the end of each session we look for our coaches to have ticked off all the below questions, and if you haven’t can you find ways to tick them off in the future?

o   Did your practice start inside 2 mins?

o   Did you use a ball for your warm up?

o   Did the players play a game for 20 mins?

o   Did the players achieve your objective?

o   Was your session fun?

o   Was it safe?

o   Were all players involved?

CCYC Coaches Information Manual

Here is the powerpoint presentation from our Coach Information Evening

Relevant Documents

MWFA Rules of the Game

LOTG Rules changes 2019 - powerpoint summary

Temporary Dismissal - powerpoint summary

MWFA Sin Bin Procedure 

MiniRoos (U6 - U11) playing formats click here

Academies Policy - a document outlining the rules relating to the relationship between  paid coaches / coaching schools / academies and individual clubs.

Registration requirements for Team Coaches and Trainers -  a document outlining the rules regarding registration and appropriate/inappropriate payment of team coaches and trainers. 


The pitches deteriorate rapidly, especially after wet weather, so it is important to use them appropriately. Click on this link for more information - Save our surfaces.

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