Club Coach Coordinator (CCC)

Curl Curl FC has been a proud participant in this FNSW and MWFA initiative since its inception. We have a team of experienced coaches who provide mentoring, run coaching workshops and simply provide support for many of our other coaches who feel they need some new ideas or some tips along the way. Help is never far away and most nights one of our CCC coaches is available at Abbott Road. Our objective is to help all our coaches be the best coaches they can be so the players can be the best players they can be.

We are a big supporter of the view that the relationship between player and coach is THE most important in football.  It determines whether a player:
  • Enjoys themselves or not
  • Develops or stagnates
  • Stays in the game or quits

"the only player who cannot develop is the one who isn't there" - Les Bee (FFA)

A summary of the CCC program can be found via this link

Curl Curl FC is fortunate to have 11 experienced coaches to help across our youth program for the 2020 season as part of our CCC program. The attached pdf contains a brief bio and photo of them all.

In 2020, we have allocated age groups to our CCCs to help the program be more accessible to our youth coaches at the club which are over 70 in number.  The first port of call for any questions or areas of support are as follows (or for general enquiries contact Gareth Banks):
U6s-U7s coaches - (mixed and girls) Sue Lawson
U8s-U9s coaches - (mixed and girls) John Meikle and Stuart Burton
U10s-U11s coaches - (mixed and girls) Shauna Hawkes
U12s-U13s coaches - (mixed and girls) Brad Higgs
U14s and older - (mixed) Aaron Kemp (girls) Joe Jones
These experienced coaches will be assisted for workshops, mentoring and any form of support by Rich Lacey, Alex Brazete, Paul Trecartin and Gareth Banks

The following might be a reason for you to contact our CCCs:
  • You want some help delivering a particular part of a session plan
  • You have some questions on game day management
  • You want to attend another coach's session to get some new session ideas (or come to JDT on Mondays)
  • You want someone to attend your session for a brief time to answer some questions 
  • You have moved up to an older age group and want some help with the resulting differences and different training needs
  • You want to devise a session for a particular problem which occurred in the weekend game
  • You are away and there are no parents to take a midweek training session

CCC # 1
CCC# 2
CCC # 3

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